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Feel the wind with Electric Scooter Go Green with Megnus EV

MEGNUS is a new-age electric vehicle in the category of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicle developed and produced in India by MEGNUS ELCTROVISION Pvt. Ltd. Presently, we have Electra, Discovery, Hawk Plus and Wings variants scooters in our steadily expanding portfolio to accommodate a wide range of users. We aim to provide technology for every range of vehicles and users and to fit every budget.

MEGNUS is built to perform. The galloping horse represents the free spirit of MEGNUS. With speed and energy, the horse runs freely, just as we wish for everyone to move freely and at ease. The aggression and solidarity of the brand are being reflected through Red. It’s our speed, our passion, and what we live for.

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Years of working Experience

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  • Electric Environment-Friendly Vehicles - Each Vehicle is thoroughly checked and detailed pre-inspection is done before being handed out to the owner.
  • We Start With Our Best Price - Our Pricing is standard all across India, all the models and variants are available at dealerships across India.
  • Free Auto Check Vehicle Report - Within the warranty period you can visit the dealer and can access the vehicle performance report.
  • 1-Year Warranty - Our Electric scooter vehicle comes with a 1-year warranty included in the purchase price.




The next five years will see a significant transformation in the automotive industry. EVs have all of the ingredients for a smashing success.



The government of India is proposing to ban all IC-engine powered two-wheelers in India starting in 2025.


YEAR 2030

The shift to electric vehicles is coming faster and in a more pronounced way. By 2030, India aspires to have 100% electric vehicles on its roads.



Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be the single largest disruptor to hit the auto industry in its 134-year history.

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